Join us for Freyja's Day Dancing!

In September of 2014, I woke up one Friday morning and decided to share music and dance with my friends over social media. That song? Captain and Tennille's "Love will keep us together." The format? vinyl 45's.  Thus was born, "Happy Freyja'sDay Dancing".

During the next two and a half years, I shared my love of music via 45 singles and danced alone in my livingroom, with friends in the woods, with friends in the city, and really - wherever we could.

Because of some recent changes to social media, I decided to put our Freyja'sDay dance parties on hold until an alternative (and in all honesty actual, for really-real vision) of Happy Freyja'sDay Dancing could incarnate.

With any luck, we will make that transition this Fall, who knows? We might even make it for the 4th anniversary of all this awesomeness!

In that spirit, if you would like to be in-the-know that you may possibly join us - call time is 6am and we will almost always be in the New Orleans area - please fill out the form below and I will put you on the email list!


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